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duurzaamheidsvisie-1000x250Our vision of sustainability is 'Empower sustainable packaging': we want to support companies and suppliers to live and work sustainably with our packaging. Of course we do everything we can to operate sustainably ourselves as well. For examples, we are continuously working on improving our way of working with a lot of attention for mankind, environment and the economic consequences of our packaging. By doing business in a socially responsible way we strive to translate social questions into solutions and products.


Our range of corrugated cardboard packaging, like American folding boxes, endless corrugated cardboard, book packaging, shipment envelopes and bottle packaging are included in the recycle process. Because corrugated cardboard consists of recycled paper for more than half (70-80%), we are connected to RESY, which stands for the recovery of cardboard packaging waste. On our packaging of corrugated cardboard RESY logo is pictured. Through a number of other logos we indicate that an article from the range contributes to the environment or comes from renewable resources.


On packaging like air cushion envelopes Climate Neutral Company logo is printed. This logo indicates that climate friendly projects are supported and CO2 exhaust is reduced. The resource of paper (pulp) comes from responsibly maintained forests and does not come from primary forests or plantations that was planted at the expense of the tropical rain forest.

duurzaamheidsvisie-logos-1000x122SMARTER COLLABORATION

All suppliers of Topa are asked to give a statment, in which they indicate that they meet various European guidelines. Certified parties can also qualify as suppliers. With the help of a rating system their performance is evaluated, to underline and check Topa's policy.

Topa is an organisation that concerns itself with the wellbeing of its employees. Subjects that are dealt with are, among others employment circumstances like a healthy and safe workspace, outsourcing or purchase of activities, discrimination, diversity on the workfloor and education.

Topa sees MVO (Socially Responsible Enterprising) as a chance and strengthens the postioning. As supplier of transport packaging solutions we strive for maximum quality and sustainability. To underline this, Topa is ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certified.


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