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With the implementation of ISO 14001, an environmental care system, Topa indicates they want to pay a lot of attention to the environment. We are aware that the taxation of the environment has to be minimised and do our best to limit this taxation as much as possible.


One of our goals is to use sources efficiently. As a part of this we focus on the minimisation of the amount of waste that is generated in our production process. During the development and production process we do not emit hazardous substances into the environment in any way. Waste is maintained systematically by keeping waste flows separate.  


An important part of ISO 14001 is complying with laws and regulation. This means that we work according to our licensing requirements. We make effective use of our resources and energy. Through monitoring this is checked and where necessary action is taken. There is also an annual report of all environmental matter.


The recycling process already starts with our production process, where used waste material is sorted, collected and then returned to a recycle factory for reprocessing into cardboard or other packaging material.

CO2 emission

Through smart management we also pay to the emission of CO2. One of the initiatives that we have taken is the efficient handling of making a supply of cardboard material with our production. This material is sorted on size, making the emission of CO2 during the transport minimal. Furthermore we hardly have waste because of this, which benefits the environment.

An ISO certification 14001 means, among other things, the execution of an environment analysis. The risks are ordered in ratio to the level of danger and the effect on the different activities of the company. The goal is the establishment of important environmental aspects so that measures can be taken.


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