Packaging tests

There are many reasons for testing your packaging. Preventing damage, discovering the cause of the damage, reducing costs, checking supplier specifications and following rules are all examples of reasons to test. 

Interpretation of packaging tests

During transport vibrations, shocks, knocks, pressure loads, changes in temperature or changes in air humidity have great influence on your product and/or packaging. With the help of our test facilities you will know if your shipment can deal with these things. The various tests in our own testing environment show the possible vulnerability or products or expose the weaknesses of the packaging.

We make use of the latest technologies when it comes to testing, but this is not sufficient. Interpretation of the test results in combination with the most recent knowledge of our specialists and packaging developers from our innovation centre, exclude damage to your product during transport and storage. Our professionals do not just limit themselves to packaging. It often occurs that a small adjustment to the product is the most efficient, quickest and cheapest solution.


  • Quicker introduction of a new product to the market
  • Security with a product introduction
  • Avoiding damage to and loss of products
  • Ideal costs for distribution
  • Bigger customer satisfaction resulting in a bigger share of the market

Transport simulation testing

With various items of advanced testing equipment we can simulate the most common transport circumstances, like the manoeuvring of trains, the shocks of airplaines, trucks suddenly braking, packages falling and shaking when there are holes in the road. The results are analysed by our specialists and you get advice for possible improvements.

We can organise the following tests for you:

  • Shock: horizontal shock test, pallet falling test, free falling test, concentrated impact test, controlled vertical shock test.
  • Vibration: random vibration test, loose load vibration test, sinus sweep test.
  • Compression: determination test, static and dynamic compression, pallet achievement tests, pre-conditioning.
  • Low pressure chamber: air pressure changes and the impact on an airtight packaging. Essential for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Pallet stabilisation: cargo securing test with various packaging material 
  • Material research: tensile test with for example hand grips, closing tape or strapping band.

Do you desire a specific test for your packaging and/or product? Then please contact us without obligation. Our specialists would love to think along with you to find a specific test and good testing method for you. If necessary it is even possible for new testing equipment to be built!

Please use our contact form to request a packaging test.

Temperature sensitive products

One of our specialisations is designing, testing and validating of thermal insulation packaging for precious temperature-sensitve products. That is why we have very modern design and testing facilities at our disposal.

Climate and temperature chambers

We have a large number of climate and temperature chambers, in which separate products and pallets can be tested. In the big climate spaces up to 6 pallet loads can be tested at the same time. The climate chambers are used for testing and qualifying of thermal insulating packaging. For more information about the specifications of the testing equipment you can contact us via our contact form or phone +31 252-245 350.

  • Qualification tests
  • Long term tests
  • Conditioning test product
  • Temperature shock tests


Our test facility is ISO 9001 and ISTA certified. Tests are executed according to ASTM, ISO and ISTA test standards and according to customer specific standards.

ISTA Certified Laboratory
ISTA Certified Professionals
iso 9001 ISO 9001 Quality Management
iso-14001.png ISO 14001 Environmental Management


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