Packaging development

To develop a packaging we offer design advice, so that you can be sure of the perfect packaging solution. Aside from that we can map the possibilities for cost saving for you and execute packaging tests, so that you are guaranteed that you have the right packaging.

Inspiring customised solutions

Based on your packaging needs when it comes to presentation, production protection, handling, storage & transport and enviroment requirements we design complete packaging solutions in a structured process. Our packaging professionals pay a lot of attention to cost optimising for packaging and logistics. When designing packaging we make use of advanced 3D-software (among other things ArtiosCAD).

We can develop a customised solution for every challenge, according to your wishes and requirements. For example shock absorbing, dust-free or fixed and packed in buffer material. For this our compiled or composite packaging is very suitable. But we can also design solutions for products that should be stackable, packed in crates, dismountable, fireproof or anticorrosive or conditioned. Of course you can come to us for a seaworthy packaging or a packaging for airfreight.

By using the latest technology, among which CAD and 3D animation, we also offer you services for models and samples, to guarantee that you are completely involved in every step, from the concept to the production. We have designers with the expertise, the experience and the passion to create truly inspiring packaging.


Compiled packaging

This packaging consists of multiple materials and offer the ideal protection of fragile and vulnerable goods during transport. They are often made of very strong corrugated cardboard combined with various kinds of foam.

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Possibilities to reduce costs

Under the current market conditions, with the competition and the developments not standing still improvement and cost saving is always required. For packaging (in the broadest sense of the word) we have developed methods to analyse existing processes systematically, in order to see where cost saving is possible. Because of this analysis it becomes clear if there are possibilities to save costs. We also calculate the height of possible savings with our own system.

right amount of material use

When developing a packaging we guarantee that the right amount of material is used, with the result that the packaging will not be too light or too heavy. Because unnecessary costs can be caused by under packaging and secondary packaging or by production damage that is too great. As suppliers of a wide range of packaging we give advice on the best materials that meets your requirements.

Performance of your packaging

Your packaging should be presented well in the transport sector in every way, including when there are difficult circumstances like for example big changes in temperature, exposure to moisture or heat, feasibility on packaging lines or the right stacking firmness, box compression during transport.

Replacement packaging material

Alternatives for your existing packaging material can result in considerable savings. Our professionals keep a close watch on trends and developments in the packaging sector. We can use this knowledge to your advantage, so you will not have unnecessary costs. This way we have been able to realise cost saving of 50% for various customers, for example by reducing the costs per pallet, using the latest innovation in the area of stretching goil: Fibre Film (patented and supplied with fibres).


By selecting the right transport packaging for your products you can save considerable costs in total logistics process. We will gladly prove to you, with demonstrable cases that this cost saving can get up to no less than 50%. Contact us directly and request the free Packaging Quickscan!

I want a higher packaging ROI 

Various possibilities for testing

We have various testing facilities at our disposal, to guarantee that your package has been tested and guarantee the performance of it. In our testing environment we can simulate various circumstances of the transport sector, so that we can supply the right quality of the packaging.



With mechanical transport simulation, influences that products and packaging have to deal with during transport and storage are simulated in a controlled way.

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Climate tests

With climate tests, influences products and packaging have to deal with as a result of changing temperatures are simulated in a controlled way.

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Are you interested in how packaging tests can help you reduce transport damage? Find out more about our other testing possibilities!

The right packaging solution in 5 steps

We bring back to the essence when customers ask us about packaging solutions. Simple, but also complex ones. This way we create space for insight and reach the right solution, our packaging professionals think along with you and map the possibilities. The goal is to create a sustainably functioning result for you this way.

With a 5-steps method we can come to the right packaging solution together with our customers:


  1. Analysing circumstances during transport
  2. Determining the vulnerability of the product
  3. Choosing the right protective materials
  4. Designing and making a prototype
  5. Testing the prototype

When the first three steps have been taken, we can start to design the packaging. Packaging developers have experience and are aware of the newest trends, materials and possibilities because of continuous education. To be able to actually test the packaging together with the product, one or more prototypes are made with the help of a cutting plotter.



We work with a focus on results. For the packaging professionals of Topa, an assignment is not finished until we see that your products have arrived at the destination undamaged. So we connect ourselves to the end result.

Flexible and enterpreneural

Topa provides services in addition to what the customers want. We often help customers and their employees to train in the required expertise. Our organisation is built around packaging professionals and are in direct contact with the customer and are entirely responsible for their area or market sector. In the culture and structure of Topa synergy within the organisation is guaranteed.


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