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services-verpakkingsadvies-header-1000x250A customised packaging can be desired for many reasons. The primary reason is the offered ideal protection and the right appearance. But legal guidelines can also be an argument for customised packaging. The right packaging advice is indispensable with this. With the knowledge and experience of our packaging professionals we can advise you in all your packaging needs.

Examples of some questions that our packaging professionals deal with are:

  • What is the best way to stabilise a pallet for products packed in pallet boxes or secondary packaging?
  • How should I pack electronic products professionally?
  • Which products need a special packaging in special circumstances, for example an environment with a salt and humid air quality?
  • What packaging do I need for hazardous (chemical) products (approved by bv. IATA)?
  • What is the right packaging method for glass products in the aviation industry?
  • I have a new product, what is the right packaging to go with it?
  • What is a good packaging to protect wooden photo panels?
  • I want to have boxes printed on every side, is this possible?
  • I want a customised packaging for t-shirts, what is the best one?
  • How can I send wooden products with a packaging that can fit through the letterbox?
  • What is a good packaging to protect monitor arms? 
  • Can you advise in a (specific) gift packaging or gift box?

Indispensable packaging advice

With the combination of the right packaging materials and packaging methods you can avoid unnecessarily high costs. In collaboration with you we would like to see how we can pack your products as well as possible, so that you can minimise the transport damage or avoid it completely. Aside from that we can furnish the packaging process as efficiently as possible. Our packaging professionals supervise the complete packaging process and advise you on the possibilities to further optimise it in order to save costs in the end.


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