Thermal packaging

Transporting temperature-sensitive products should be protected from shocking, volatility of weather and other unforseen circumstances. We design, test and manufacture a wide range of isothermal solutions branded KoolTemp® Pre-Qualified Shipping Systems, KoolTemp® Insulated Shippers and Koolit® Refrigerants. With this range, we meet the packaging needs of companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnical, medical device, healtcare, logistic service and food service. Please visit Topa Thermal for more information.

KoolTemp® Pre-Qualified Solutions

De KoolTemp® Pre-Qualified Solutions are universal, available from stock isothermal packaging that comply with cGMP standards. The GTS and STS series are ideally suited for small to large pallet shipments of temperature-sensitive products. Each solution comes with easy to use instructions. For more information about these products, please visit our website Topa Thermal.


KoolTemp® Refrigerated

These solutions have been tested and qualified by 2 ° C to 8 ° C, suitable for small to medium-sized shipments. Wide choice of sizes, temperature ranges and duration. This solution is ideal for domestic and international shipments and has been tested and qualified according to ISTA and cGMP standards.


KoolTemp® Room Temperature

This is the most complete line of systems at room temperature. There are different sizes and transport length of time available. These solutions are universal to set up with Koolit® refrigerants and are tested and qualified according to ISTA and cGMP standards.


KoolTemp® STS (Seasonal Transport Systems)

These solutions are qualified with dry ice and suppressed temperature (not dry ice). This solution is ideal for domestic and international shipments and has been tested and qualified according to ISTA and cGMP standards.

PUR en EPS panel containers

Our PUR and EPS packaging are of very high quality which the specified temperature is maintained and meet the USDA standards, HAACP, DOT, and all the major carriers such as FedEx® and UPS®.


KoolTemp® PUR Polyurethane Containers

These PUR containers combined with Koolit® refrigerants, provide a good temperature preservation of the cargo volume for extended periods, even under extreme weather conditions. They are an ideal choice to keep your precious cargo between + 2 ° C to 8 ° C during demanding conditions. This lightweight polyurethane insulated containers have a carton which is provided at the top of a soft foam layer of polyurethane or polyurethane cover.


KoolTemp® EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Panel containers

These packages provide space saving, sustainable and efficient thermal protection for virtually any temperature-sensitive application. Each 6-Panel EPS solution provides cost effective insulation for different temperature-controlled shipment creations Koolit® in combination with the cooling means. These lightweight packaging provides uniform temperature and optimal performance for the shipment of temperature-sensitive products.

Koolit® refrigerants

Koolit® refrigerants offer the best protection for your temperature-sensitive products. Using our knowledge of thermodynamics, packaging design, packaging configuration, and shipping methods, we can provide your need for coolants. We can also offer you a customized solution.


  • Sustainable and economical
  • Available on various freezing points 
  • Heavy-duty, durable and leakproof 
  • Adjusted formats available


Custom solutions

All of our customers have unique needs and challenges in the distribution of their temperature-sensitive products. For this purpose, it is sometimes necessary to develop a custom-made thermal solution. Backed by our experienced and ISTA certified team of packaging experts, we go through our proven five-step design process. The result will satisfy a solution that will meet all the needs of your business and your supply chain.

Each project can be supported by full documentation. The process begins with an agreed protocol and ends with a fully qualified report includes documentation and instruction. We also offer onsite training for your employees.

If you want to know more about the possibilites of packaging custom development, please contact us.


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