Strapping machine

Astrapping machineis usedfor strappingandbundling products.There aremany versions,from manualtofully automaticstrappingstrapping(for continuoususe).In addition to thetable-top modelsisastrapping devicealsobelongsto the possibilities.Want to learn moreabout the possibilities?Please contact us.

A strapping machine is used for strapping and bundling products. There are many versions, from manual to fully automatic strapping strapping (for continuous use). In addition to the table-top models is a strapping device also belongs to the possibilities. Want to learn more about the possibilities? Please contact us.

Strapping machine with arch

This rapid strapping machine is easy to use and operation. Additionally quickly the machine starts and has an energy-saving sleep mode. The machine is useful if you have lots of strapping packages. You can achieve the greatest savings by using a thinner tape on this machine.


• Arch: 600 x 500 mm
• Size: 1270 x 575 x1396 mm (LxWxH)
• Weight: 180 kg
• Bandwidth: 5 -15.5 mm
• Connection: 220V (50 / 60Hz), 0.8 kVA
• Warm-up time: 30 seconds
• Max. tire pressure: 700 N
• Min. tire pressure: 25 N
• Min. omsnoeringsomtrek: h = b x 110 x50 mm
• Max. omsnoeringsomtrek: less than arch core diameter size band: 200 mm
• Worktop: Stainless steel


• Silent
• Low power consumption
• Sealmes bimetallic long life
• Fast warm up
• Automatic tire supply
• Automatic tire removal at fault
• Quality Mark
• CE marked
• Saves energy by standby
• Belt tension is adjustable on the control panel


The package should be positioning by hand, then tighten the engine by pressing a button within just a half seconds, load and cuts. After this, the machine is immediately ready for the next strapping.

RELATED PP strapping

Width (mm)  Length (m) Core (cm) Application
5 6500 20 normal packagings
7 5000 20  heavy packagings
12 3000 20  big boxes
15 2500 20 big heavy boxes

Semi automatic strapping machine

The quiet, low-maintenance and energy-efficient strapping machine is suitable for not too intensive use.


• Size: 780 x 543 x 750-920 mm (LxWxH)
• Weight: 45 kg
• Sound: max. 75 dB (A)
• Bandwidth: 5 -16 mm
• Connection: 220V (50 / 60Hz), 0.25 kVA
• Warm-up time: 30-45 seconds
• Max. tire pressure: 392 N
• Min. tire pressure: 70 N
• Min. omsnoeringsomtrek: h = b x 100 x30 mm
• Max. omsnoeringsomtrek: no limit
• Core diameter tire: 200 mm
• Worktop: Stainless steel


•Adjustable in height
• Silent
• Low power consumption
• Sealmes bimetallic long life
• Fast warm up
• Automatic tire supply
• Better ventilation, so less odor
• Very good price / quality ratio
• Fault is indicated on the display
• CE marked
• Saves energy, motor stops 14 seconds after strapping
•Easy to use
• Belt tension is adjustable on the control panel


The package should be positioned with the hand, and also manually set the band around the package is to be inserted in a guide. The tensioning, welding and cutting is done automatically after the introduction of the band. After this, the machine gives back the preset tape length for the next strapping. The tire pressure may be preset easily by hand on the outside.

Related PP strapping

Width (mm)  Length (m) Core (cm) Application
12 3000 20  Big boxes
15 2500 20 Big heavy boxes

Orgapack OR-T 250

Battery-powered device for plastic strap. Suitable for general, medium-duty applications with just one touch of a button!


• Weight (kg): 3.9
• Stretching: electric
• Max. belt tension (N) 400-1500 High, 900-2500 Soft
• Band Format: PP or PET (heavier loads)
• Width (mm): PP 12-16 PET 12-16
• Tape Thickness (mm): PP PET 0.63 to 1 0.55 to 1
• Sealing: Electric
• Strapping / load: 400
• Power source: battery Li-Ion 14.4 Volt
• Charging time (min.): Approximately 45



Easy to adapt to the application

• fully automatic
• semiautomatic
• manual
• soft

Rapid vertical or horizontal strapping

• Fully or halfautomtisch
• strapping, close welding and cutting tape
• One touch of a button

Safe strapping equivalent goods

• constant strapping
• Do not misuse (fully automatic)

Latest drive technology with environmentally friendly batteries from Bosch

• High efficiency
• no memory effect
• long lifespan

• Energy-efficient strapping
• Multiple cycles per battery charge
• Low maintenance
• Maintenance-friendly construction
•High Quality

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