Air Cushioning

Air cushions offer a lot of application possibilities for protection of goods in the packing. Air cushion machines can be used all-round, using various sizes of air cushions. The foil is recycable and firm. For every application, another type of air cushion can be used.

Bescherming in de verpakking

Snelle handling, plaatsbesparing en een goede bescherming van het product zijn de uitgangspunten van luchtsystemen. Voor de verschillende toepassingen zijn diverse luchtkussenfolies beschikbaar. Afhankelijk van het te verpakken product, doosafmeting en de wijze van versturen, kunnen één of meerdere uitvoeringen toegepast worden. Compacte systemen, zoals die van FP kunnen tevens geïntegreerd worden in uw verpakkingslijn.   


Cell-O™ is een verpakkingssysteem dat compacte rollen HDPE folie snel verwerkt tot een geperforeerde ketting van luchtkussentjes. 


The Novus air cushions consist of four different versions which can be used combined: Quilt-Air™ Small, Quilt-Air™ Large, Double Cusions®, Super Tube®. A combination of Double Cushion® and Super Tube® provide an exellent filling.


Those air cushions consist of at least 12% recycled PE and are 100% recycable, so the environment will be less burdened.


  • Producing on site and on demand, saves work and increases productivity.
  • All-round applicable and easy to use
  • Saves stock space
  • Little material needed
  • Reusable and recycable, friendly for the receiver

Air cushions offer the optimal protection for light and heavy products. Air cushions of Cell-O Green, Novus and Pillow pak Green can be used combined.

Air cushion Application Suitable for
Cell-O Green Filling and protection Light products

Supertube: particularly suitable for protection of the corners

Double Cushion: perfect to fill large, empty spaces

Quilt Air Large: ideal when large bubble wrap is needed

Quilt Air Small: good alternative for traditional bubble wrap

Medium and heavy products
Pillow pak Green Wrapping, fixating, protecting and filling  Light and medium products


Novus supertube 300x216

Suitable for filling empty spaces and protection of the corners

Novus double cushion 300x216

Double CushionTM
Suitable for filling large, emty spaces

Novus quilt air L 300x216

Quilt-AirTM Large
Suitable as an alternative of large air cushion foil. Extremely suitable for filling or wrapping.

Novus quilt air small 300x216

Quilt-AirTM Small
Suitable as an alternative of normal air cushion foil, for seperating and wrapping products.


Mini Pak'R

A small, simple air cushioning machine which makes it possible to produce air cushions where and when you want it. You can choose from five types of air cushions (Supertube, Double Cushion, Quilt Air Large, Quilt Air Small and Cell-O EZ) which can be used for different purposes.


Luchtkussenmachine MinipakR 458x402


Cell-O EZ II

Specially developed for intensive use, is the Cell-O™ EZ II suitable for large distributioncenters, but also for small applications. The Cell-O™ EZ II is one of the fastest air  cushioning machines in the market and produces ca. 3 m3 filling material per hour. The foil, which is provided with perforation and sealing, is available in various dimensions: 200 x 065 mm, 200 x 130 mm, 200 x 200 mm.


luchtkussenmachine cell-o 458x402


The NOVUS air cushioning system is a good replacement for traditional packing material such as paper, foam-in-place or bubble wrap. Via an intern air supply, the pretreated foil is bloated until air cushions, where and when you want it: in an in-line setup or at a small packing station. There are various accessoires availabe to enlarge the ease of use of this unique air cushioning system. 


Luchtkussenmachine Novus 458x402

Pillow Pak'R

Save place and money by replacing the traditional bubble wrap for PILLOW PAK. Handling, transport and storage will take considerably less time. By the unique air chamber system is PILLOW PAK an excellent alternative for the traditional packing materials; you can easily wrap large/wide products and protect it at the same time!

 Luchtkussenmachine pillowpakr 458x402

Click here for more information about air cushion systems. luchtsystemen.


In close coorporation with our customers we see that as the year volume of air cushions increases, the need to minimalise the way between production of the filling and the packing station becomes more. This is possible through an Automatic Delivery System (ADS). A lot of our customers are already using the handlings benefits ADS offers. Would you like to know more about the possibilities for your logistic process? Please contact us.

Benefits ADS

  • Always packing material available
  • No back and forth carrying with packing material
  • Saves space, the packing table stays empty
  • Air cushions are cut off on the desired length
  • Innovative, 100% customized adapted to your logistic situation
  • No high investmentcosts, various financing possibilities
  • Exisiting systems can be expanded modular

Luchtkussens integratie inpaklijn 1000x650

Mini ADS Single Bin

Luchtkussen integratie multibin 1000x650

Multi Bin ADS

Are you curious about other possibilities? Please have a look at our packing machines. verpakkingsmachines.  

Would you like to know more about your logistic process? Please contact  us for a noncommital demonstration. Our packing experts can identify your packing needs and offer an appropiate solution.


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