Fiber Film foil

Fiber Film wrapping foil is an unique foil for stabilizing pallet loads optimal and saving.

Optimal, because the foil stretches extremely good. This helds the load tightly together.
Saving, because of the unique structure of the foil. It is considerably thinner, but because of the special fibers comparable to a heavier ''common'' stretch wrap foil.


Calculate what you can save on foil with the Rekentool Wikkelfolie. You will get an indication of your use of foil per year and the percentage you can save.

Fiberfilm-ALPHA  Fiberfilm-BETA  Fiberfilm-GAMMA

For every kind of pallet loading there is a special Fiber Film designed. If it is a light, tight stacked column pallet loading, or a heavy pallet loading. There is always a solution with our Alpha, Beta or Gamma variants of stretch wrapping foil.

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