Our approach

Innovation is our passion.

We approach innovation by following the packaging market closely and we mostly focus on packaging solutions that are important to you. The knowledge and experience of our specialists are very important in this process.

More savings and turnover

To supply our customers with the right packaging, we offer professional knowledge and we have streamlined this process within our organisation. Our innovation starts with putting the focus on your market and is grafted on a systematic way of working and mostly focuses on logistic savings and more turnover.

Our approach for innovation is focused on the way in which we help our customers save more costs, make more sales, realizing better performance and optimizing their packaging solutions.


Interpretations of packaging tests

Our approach of innovation is often based on facts that are based on packaging tests. For this we have advanced testing equipment and many facilities in our testing environment. This helps us develop profitable and sustainable packaging solutions, that are important to you. By applying scientific knowledge and interpreting the packaging tests we can inform you very well about the physical behaviour of packaging in the transport chain. Packaging professionals have collected this knowledge by researching more than 50 duizends items of packaging every year.

We look further than only our packaging products and go a step further by providing our customers with the best information and analyses, so that we can make the right decisions together. Some examples of research facts:

  • One foil wrapping less per pallet yields a saving of 20%, with the same performance.
  • Higher pallet stacking is possible, with less pallet transport as a result.
  • The combination of break glue and one layer of foil, reduces the waste with 60%.
  • By using cold break glue you can save 10-30% on stretching cover and other packaging materials.

Creativity and passion

The most important goal for our packaging professionals is supporting customers with the biggest dedication and creativity. Our packaging developers and test engineers are driven, well educated and have extensive expertise in the area of packaging. The focus on cost saving, interpretations of the packaging tests and our passion form the basis for innovation.


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