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kennisontwikkeling-header-1000x250As a recognized innovation centre we keep track of all developments in the area of packaging and tests. Via our innovation network we keep control of our knowledge level when it comes to packaging innovation, sustainability and law and regulations.

Furthermore this innovation network offers us access to ideas and experience of international packaging professionals in about 30 countries. Because of this you can be sure of our insight in all market, wherever you are.

The network for innovation is organised in the following ways, that we are involved in:

  • Specialised meetings: these are technical as well as commercial and are organised multiple times every year. These gatherings ensure that everyone is constantly kept aware of the latest information and developments. Specialised groups on specific areas, like sustainability, laboratory technology, packaging and regulations in the pharmaceutical industry, ISO standards for packaging, online learning environments, etc. 
  1. Collaboration projects: for certain customers or partnerships there are presentations for the benefits of the knowledge on packaging. We also have specialised teams that can be assembled to work on certain projects in specific packaging programmes. This way we can organise our own innovation team and an attuned programme, to serve a certain area and innovate according to the demand of the local market.

As member of a number of sector association we work togehter with the following parties:

Kennisinstituut Duurzaam Verpakken (KIDVl)
International association of packaging research institutes (IAPRI)
Platform Omgevingstechnologie (PLOT onderdeel van
International Safe Transit Association (ISTA)
Parenteral Drug Association (PDA )
Nederlandsverpakkingscentrum (NVC)


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