Innovation centre

innovatiecentrum-1000x250With our high quality facilities we realise considerable cost saving for our customers. We do this by testing packaging and evaluating during the whole transport cycle.

With a modern approach for the simulation of distribution loads and various tests we show the possible vulnerability of products or expose the weaknesses of the packaging. Then our packaging developers analyse the test results and they give advice on materials and risk-free packaging to protect the products. This way advanced technology, in combination with the specialist knowledge, the security that is desired during the contemporary transport stream of goods.

The activities within the innovation centre vary from packaging development to workshops that can be organised for (logistical) companies and schools that want to acquire more knowledge in the area of packaging.

Certificates and guidelines

All activities within the innovation centre are executed under the international standards of ISO 9001, ISTA and ASTM. Of course specific tests according to customer specific standards can be executed.

Packaging is developed according to the European Guideline Packaging and Packaging Waste (essential requirements), according to the wishes of the customer and with the ideal ratio between costs and benefits. The most important goals of this guideline are:

  1. Winning back and reusing packaging waste as much as possible
  2. With the production of packaging, using as many materials that have been won from recycled packaging waste as much as possible.




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