Telecom and electronics

sector-telecom-header2-1000x250Because of the increasing demand for high speed internet access on mobile devices, the production of them will grow considerably in numbers. This leads to high investments in the technique for new equipment and the physical protection of this equipment.

Telecommunication equipment is often costly and sensitive to electrical charges. That is why it is important that these products are packed and transported properly. By using antistatic and protective materials, innovative packaging solutions can be developed to support these products throughout the whole transport cycle.

A combination of packaging materials often offers the best solution to deliver electronic products with the required protection. To protect the shipments, we subject our packaging to a number of performance tests for material and packaging.

OUR product RANGE FOR the telecom & electronics includes:

  • American folding boxes
  • Printed boxes (inside and outside)
  • Customised packaging
  • Protective packaging


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