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sector-online-1000x250For the ecommerce, e-retail, after sales and fulfilment branche we have simple, practical and fast assembling packaging solutions.

The enormously quick growth of this sector has increased the demand for corrugated cardboard packaging, as well as the need for packaging with a promotional and protective function. It is also important for this that the packaging is effective in the packaging line and distribution in every phase.

Innovation is our passion. You can see this in our packaging solutions, that also meet requirements like:

  • The avoidance or reduction of damage during the distribution process in the most common circumstances.
  • Getting the most vulnerable products to their destination without them being damaged.
  • Optimisation and high productivity in the packaging line through quick processing and packaging ease.
  • Protecting products against theft and unauthorised opening.
  • Using the same packaging for the return of products. By making use of innovative constructions like double closing strips, the same packaging can be used for the return service. Simple and effective!
  • A professional and customer-friendly experience of your packaging upon opening or reception. There are a lot of possibilities for this, like tear perforations, printing on the inside and outside, use of other materials, etc.

Our packaging professionals do not only offer you support when it comes to packaging, but they also think along with you in the whole creative process, from marketing to distribution and customer experience.

OUR portfolio FOR THE online business includes:

  • Postal packaging
  • American folding boxes
  • Printed boxes (inside and outside)
  • Customised packaging
  • Protective packaging
  • Filling material
  • Order fulfilment machine


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