Logistics and fulfilment

sector-logistiek-header1000x250As one of the biggest players on the Dutch market, we have a wide range of transport packaging for the sectors logistics, transport and storage.

For every party in the logistical services, warehousing or distribution, we can offer packaging solutions for single or plural use, that can help you optimise the transport cycle.


Reducing the volume of packaging and shipments is always an important matter in this sector. Aside from that the minimum use of packaging and filling material is an important point, limiting the amount of waste.

Our packaging professionals can develop corrugated cardboard in such a way that the space is used in the ideal way, with the strength optimised, and without needing more material than necessary. They also keep a close eye on the solutions in the chain, making sure they are not negated. With packaging where there is 0% of empty space, the trucks will be loaded ideally in the next step, so that the result is maintained.

We also take into account every aspect of your packaging line, distribution, logistics and requirements of the end user, so that your valuable products are well protected. Our regular transport packaging can be delivered with or without print, in high or low volumes, depending on your needs.

OUR product RANGE FOR THE logistics includes:

  • American folding boxes
  • Printed boxes (inside and outside)
  • Customised packaging
  • Protected packaging
  • Pallet stabilisation (stretching foil, break glue, shrinking foil etc.)
  • Pallet packaging and crates (pallets, pallet boxes, export crates)
  • Order fulfilment machines


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