Automotive onderdelen-800x250The modern car industry characterises itself as a worldwide industry with modern product development, production and supply chains.

In this competitive industry it is of vital importance that the right part is made available in the right place at the right moment, so that tight production schedules are supported. Our packaging solutions are suitable for multiple branches within the car industry. Thanks to our network we are able to act flexibly and reactively, and we offer compiled products of 100% cardboard, for single or plural use.

We work together with our customers to designs and deliver packaging solutions for:

  • Internal processing
  • Shipments of assembled car products
  • Car part

The complexity of the automotive sector demands multi-material knowledge combined with engineering and testing possibilities to supply the optimal packaging solutions.

Topa sets itself apart from the competition as a multi-material packaging company that offers engineering possibilities and qualitative service on a worldwide and local scale.

Our range for the automotive consists of, among other things:

  • Compiled packaging
  • Cardboard storage boxes
  • Heavy duty pallet boxes and export packaging
  • Foam material for edge protection (PU profiles)
  • Paper systems


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