Mission & Vision



Topa has the mission to be the best company in the market of transport packaging. This is expressed in our customer and supplier based focus that is based on expertise, service innovation and flexibility. The relations should be ethically responsible and above all pleasant. We are aware of our changing environment and continuously striving for a greater efficiency and effectivity focused on our customers and suppliers as well as on the internal organisation.

Topa strives to be a customer focused and market managed company, where the customer satisfaction, the personal development of the employees and the respect for the environment are seen as being closely connected to the goal of creating value for the interested parties.


'The best packaging for every company' is our creed. Quality on all fronts is important for this. Every customer gets the best quality packaging from a wide range. 

We realise this, among other things, by always expanding our range with innovative products of high quality, the increase of the customer satisfaction and offering innovative packaging solutions. This way we want to be recognized as the most succesful company for packaging and over the next few years this will be the guideline for everything we do.

Our values

Our values describe the attitude of our employees, that is required to realise our vision.

People: our goal is to keep, develop, motivate and offer a safe working environment to our employees.

Entrepreneurship: we cherish employees with an enterprising mind and an inspiring management style, with added challenging activities supported by innovation and 'out of the box' thinking.

Service based: we see ourselves as a service providing organisation of packaging products that goes on until the customer is satisfied.

Working together: a successful network of suppliers, customers and partners is essential to create value together continuously.

Environmentally aware: our goal is to protect the environment and improve our performance where sustainability is concerned.


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